Where's Waldo? Deluxe Edition

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  • Where's Waldo?  Deluxe Edition
  • Where's Waldo?  Deluxe Edition

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Looking for Waldo? Search no more. The time has come and we’re celebrating our favorite wanderer in style!

For over a quarter of a century, the bespectacled Waldo has held a place as a beloved cultural icon. Candlewick has reissued the classic Waldo adventure with special features worthy of a stalwart hero. This Where's Waldo? deluxe edition boasts:

  • a striking jacketed cover
  • an original poster on the underside of the jacket
  • a spot-the-difference game between the jacket and self-cover designs
  • a gatefold with a visual checklist on every spread
  • a never-before-seen section of artwork revealed on every spread
  • new things to search for!

Ages 5-9

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