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  • Melt & Mold Jewelry
  • Melt & Mold Jewelry
  • Melt & Mold Jewelry

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Become the manufacturer of your favorite jewelry charms!

Following the playfully written and illustrated instructions, young designers learn how to melt down the included polymer discs and then mold them into all kinds of beautiful shapes using the silicone mold.

Then they'll learn how to attach them to rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more in all kinds of unique ways!

Make a pair of cactus earrings. Make a bracelet out of a chain of flowers. Show off your free spirit with a beautiful bird necklace. And all the while, the colors can be mixed and swirled and combined with glitter for even more creative possibilities.

It's endless jewelry-making potential!

Discover a new realm of creative innovation with the Klutz Melt & Mold Jewelry kit.

Klutz Melt & Mold Jewelry
  • Kit for melting and molding plastic jewelry charms
  • Encourages creativity, planning, experimentation, self-expression
  • Discover a new realm of creative innovation!
  • Mix colors to create wild swirls
  • Add glitter and rhinestones for the perfect touch of sparkle
  • Create necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings
  • Includes 50 polymer discs in 7 colors, 30 jump rings, elastic cord in 2 colors (40 inches each), 2 cord necklaces, lobster clasp, 2 rings, 2 earring posts, glitter, 6 rhinestones, custom stylus, silicone mold
  • 32-page book of instructions, ideas, and inspiration included
  • High quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience

    Ages 8+
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