Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was a Llama

Harper Collins


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Explore the lives of llamas with Ranger Rick in this beginning reader with full-color photos of llamas in action! 

What if you wished you were a llama and then you became one? Could you talk like a llama, with gurgles and squeals? Could you roll in the dust like a llama, to keep bugs away? And would you want to? Find out about llamas and their wild cousins, guanacos (pronounced wah-nah-ko), as well as alpacas and vicuñas!

Ranger Rick explorers will love this Level One I Can Read that helps beginning readers dig a little deeper into the lives of llamas. Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was a Llama is complete with vivid photographs, fascinating facts, a Wild Words glossary, and a hands-on activity about how to tell the difference between different camelids.

This Level One I Can Read answers questions for beginning readers about llamas and their wild cousins, guanacos. This format engages young readers by comparing and contrasting the life of these animals to the life of the reader.


Ages 4-8

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