Letters For A Year Of Gratitude



  • Letters For A Year Of Gratitude
  • Letters For A Year Of Gratitude

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Letters for a Year of Gratitude will inspire you to send thoughtful, handwritten notes of appreciation to everyone in your life - from a good friend to a great aunt. Simply tear out your letter of choice, write your message inside, seal it with the included stickers, and add a postage stamp. Begin a gratitude practice today.
  • Each letter is printed with a unique prompt like "What I appreciate about us...," "It was incredibly generous of you to.," "It's the little things, like when.," and "From you, I learned the importance of."
  • Makes a perfect gift for loved ones and close friends in your life.
  • Created by Lea Redmond, bestselling author.

Keep track of the letters you've written in the correspondence log in the back. Secure each letter with the included 150+ stickers before sending a little gratitude to friends and family!

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