Woodland Nesting Dolls



  • Woodland Nesting Dolls
  • Woodland Nesting Dolls
  • Woodland Nesting Dolls

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Un-bear-ably sweet and beautifully detailed, our Woodland Nesting Set contains a bear, a fox, an owl, a rabbit and a mouse—a veritable menagerie of whimsical play! This nesting set is great for display with all the critters in a row or nestled within one another for a minimal footprint and neat storage. A forest full of fun, our nesting set creatures range in size to fit neatly one inside the other like a classic Russian nesting doll set.
    • Beautifully detailed forest critters
    • Wooden set is beautifully illustrated with painted details
    • Display in row, or nest together for neat storage and delightful surprise
    • Adorable designed to fit together like a classic Russian nesting dolls
    • Engage kids' imaginations as they discover how these critters fit together

    Ages:  3+

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