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  • Elise Bendy Doll
  • Elise Bendy Doll

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HABA Little Friends Elise - 4" Bendy Girl Doll Figure with Pink Hat

Elise is "the Adventurer" and likes to think she is the leader of the pack. She has been to almost every country in the world and loves seeking out new and unique places!
These 4 inch tall "bendy dolls" from HABA are made from flexible soft plastic, with metal wires inside which allow for them to be posable.
Compatible with all HABA dollhouse furniture as well as the Villa sunshine, dream-house, and Dollhouse Annex.

Elise loves to play outside. Elise has a treehouse in the apple tree. Her dad built it. He’s a forest ranger and sometimes takes her and her little brother with him into the woods when he’s there with his dog Lucky.

The characters of the Little Friends refer back to the well-known and popular HABA cloth dolls. The little dolls are cute and designed in a child-friendly way: “Our idea was to offer children a true alternative to dolls that are either unrealistic or look like adults. Children need imaginative toys, especially those that will spark their own imagination and give them the space to put their ideas into practice,” says designer Ines Frömelt. That’s why the Little Friends look like children of the same age. They consist of a bendable wire frame, which is covered in durable plastic. This allows children to bend the Little Friends into different poses and play realistically. Together with her design colleague Jutta Neundorfer, Ines Frömelt is already working on the next products in this series.

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