Chimpanzee, Male (14817)



  • Chimpanzee, Male (14817)
  • Chimpanzee, Male (14817)
  • Chimpanzee, Male (14817)

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Chimpanzees are true masters when it comes to solving puzzles and using tools.

They build spoon-like rods to scoop out honey or crack open nuts using stones. To prevent hurting their fingers, they knuckle-walk. In doing so, they place only the middle phalanxes of their hands on the ground.

  • Schleich® products are carefully designed to inspire safe and creative pretend play for children as both a single toy or part of a larger collection.
  • Great for gifting, this figurine can stand alone or fit into a larger, modular play world. 
  • As an 85-year-old German toy company, Schleich® is committed to manufacturing realistic toys with the highest standard of quality and safety for years of durable play and collectability. All products and the materials used meet or exceed the strictest applicable national and international toy safety requirements.

Ages 3-8

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