Color Crush 2021 Calendar

Workman Publishing

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  • Color Crush 2021 Calendar
  • Color Crush 2021 Calendar
  • Color Crush 2021 Calendar

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For color fanatics, art lovers, designers, artists, and any person who loves bold and vivacious color, Colorcrush is a brand-new calendar that makes a powerful visual and emotional impact with every glance. Each month focuses on a different hue with one large photograph at the top of the page and many more throughout the grid—all showcasing that month’s color as it surprises and pleases us in nature, art, popular culture, and other realms.

There’s not-so-mellow yellow, which represents happiness, optimism, and creativity. Breathtaking Klein Blue, a shade of uncommon richness and depth: “Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions” —artist Yves Klein. And pink: “Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too!” —Miley Cyrus. Each spread includes fascinating text about the featured color and its origins and characteristics. Printed on FSC-certified paper.

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