Modarri - Delux 3 Pack

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  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack
  • Modarri - Delux 3 Pack

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From collectors and builders to parents and kids, the Modarri toy car building system provides something for everyone. With endless customization and open-ended play patterns, Modarri allows you to be the car designer, mechanic, and driver.

With our revolutionary take on toy cars, both the young, and young-at-heart will love to build, customize, create and develop important skills through play — without the need for batteries or screens! Each of our take-apart cars features interchangeable pieces making design combinations limited only by your imagination. And, with our patented finger steering and real suspension, Modarri vehicles can make sharp turns, drive in figure-eight patterns, and drive on a variety of terrains-including floors, couches, and even outside!

  • AWESOME PLAY VALUE - Don't waste money on short-lived toys with limited play value, give them a toy that will last! Modarri cars captivate kids by offering tons of exciting play possibilities. DESIGN, BUILD, and DRIVE your creations in any way you want!
  • FUEL CREATIVITY, EXPLORE MORE! - Explore thousands of car designs from a small set, make your own tracks, race your friends, trade and share parts, invent new tricks, drive every terrain. With Modarri, the possibilities are endless and the fun never stops!
  • REAL MECHANICS, SERIOUS FUN - With a patented Steering and Suspension System, every Modarri toy car drives like the real thing! Put your finger in the driver's seat and take full control! Rally rocks, execute figure-eights - never re-position your hand!
  • EASY, SIMPLE, CRAZY-INNOVATIVE! - This is the "Ultimate Toy Car experience." EASY enough for youngsters to build a car on their own, DURABLE enough to handle outdoor play (metal frames, heavy-duty plastic, strong mechanical linkages). Completely Modular!
  • THE MODARRI GUARANTEE - We stand behind our products 100% and offer a NO-RISK GUARANTEE. If you aren't totally satisfied with your purchase, return it at no cost. Modarri cars have a LIFETIME guarantee - if a part ever breaks, we’ll replace it for free!

Our Modarri Delux 3 Pack Car Set is fully customizable as every piece is interchangeable across all our Modarri cars and allows
kids to mix and match thousands of different design options!

Right out of the box, there are 235,000 unique combinations that kids can customize to make their car their very own! With this set,
your child will be playing and learning for hours of endless fun while creating thousands of different design combinations!

SET INCLUDES: Modarri Delux 3 Pack Car Set, 3 Hex Tools and Endless Fun!
- 235,000 Different Combinations
- 5 Hoods and Fenders
- 3 Car Frames
- 3 Car Chassis
- 1 Seat per Car
- 4 Wheels per Car
- 2 Suspensions per Car
- 8 Traffic Cones

Open-ended play allows children to express themselves freely and creatively through play that has no limitations. Our Modarri cars encourage hands-on learning and creativity for kids through building and designing each car to their specific preference.

Don’t tell your kids but these toy cars are actually learning toys! Our Delux 3 Pack Car Set empowers learning through a plethora of different configurations that teach kids valuable life skills such as mechanics, engineering, and science, as well as enhances vital learning and reasoning skills, all in one box! If you’re looking to give your child a toy that’s both fun and educational (without them even knowing),
give them our Modarri Delux 3 Pack Car Set!

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